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David Baldacci Books in Order

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Here you have a list with all David Baldacci books in order of publication

This is a handful list where you will find all David Baldacci books in order of publication. It also includes some extra info such as the year when each of these books were published and the series to which it belongs to (or if it’s a standalone).

There you have it, a huge list with David Baldacci novels in order:


  • Grand Central Publishing

Reading order:

  • Absolute Power (1996) Standalone

  • Total Control (1996) Standalone

  • The Winner (1997) Standalone

  • The Simple Truth (1998) Standalone

  • Saving Faith (1999) Standalone

  • Wish You Well (2000) Standalone

  • Origins of Wish You Well (2000) Standalone

  • Last Man Standing (2001) Standalone

  • The Christmas Train (2002) Standalone

  • The Mighty Johns (2002) Anthology

  • Split Second (2003) Sean King & Michelle Maxwell

  • Hour Game (2004) Sean King & Michelle Maxwell

  • The Camel Club (2005) Camel Club

  • Fries Alive! (2005) Freddy & The French Fries

  • The Collectors (2006) Camel Club

  • The Mystery of Silas Finklebean (2006) Freddy & The French Fries

  • Simple Genius (2007) Sean King & Michelle Maxwell

  • Stone Cold (2007) Camel Club

  • Divine Justice (2008) Camel Club

  • The Whole Truth (2008) Shaw

  • First Family (2009) Sean King & Michelle Maxwell

  • True Blue (2009) Standalone

  • Hell’s Corner (2010) Camel Club

  • Deliver Us From Evil (2010) Shaw

  • The Sixth Man (2011) Sean King & Michelle Maxwell

  • Zero Day (2011) John Puller

  • One Summer (2011) Standalone

  • No Rest For the Dead (2011) Standalone

  • No Time Left (2011) Short story

  • The Forgotten (2012) John Puller

  • The Innocent (2012) Will Robie

  • King and Maxwell (2013) Sean King & Michelle Maxwell

  • The Hit (2013) Will Robie

  • Day of Doom (2013) Clues

  • Bullseye (2014) Camel Club

  • The Escape (2014) John Puller

  • Bullseye (2014) Will Robie

  • The Target (2014) Will Robie

  • The Finisher (2014) Vega Jane

  • Face Off (2014) Anthology

  • The Guilty (2015) Will Robie

  • Memory Man (2015) Amos Decker

  • The Keeper (2015) Vega Jane

  • No Man’s Land (2016) John Puller

  • The Last Mile (2016) Amos Decker

  • End Game (2017) Will Robie

  • The Fix (2017) Amos Decker

  • The Width of the World (2017) Vega Jane

  • The Fallen (2018) Amos Decker

  • Long Road to Mercy (2018) Atlee Pine

  • Redemption (2019) Amos Decker

  • The Stars Below (2019) Vega Jane

  • A Minute to Midnight (2019) Atlee Pine

  • One Good Deed (2019) Standalone

  • Walk the Wire (2020) Amos Decker

More about author David Baldacci?

David Baldacci was born in 1960, in the city of Richmond (Virginia). He started writing in his childhood, his mother gave him a notebook in which he started to create his own stories. Eventually, her mother revealed that the reason she had given him that notebook was to keep him quiet.

He took three years to publish his first novel, Absolute Power, which he published in 1996 and turned out to be a success, becoming an international bestseller.

If that was not enough, this novel was adapted for a film in 1997, this adaptation was produced, directed, and starred by Clint Eastwood. However, the movie was not a success, it was a $50 million budget film and grossed $50.1 million in theaters, therefore just managing to recoup its budget. Regarding the reviews, it got mixed reviews from critics, while it has a score of 48% in Rotten Tomatoes (an aggregate reviewer web site).

David Baldacci has published more than 40 novels, all of them being international bestsellers. He has sold over 130 million copies worldwide, and his novels have been translated to 45 languages.

He has founded, together with his wife Michelle, the Wish You Well Foundation. This organization supports adult literacy programs in the USA.

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