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Trump 45: America's Greatest President

Trump 45: America's Greatest President by L. D. Hicks


Wall Street Journal Bestseller!

A pictorial history of America’s greatest president, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump took “the road less traveled” upon his inauguration as America’s 45th President. Trump did not go to Washington to get along. He went to work for the American people. The photos between the covers of this book document Donald Trump doing more for this country than any other president in this century. See him negotiate trade deals, speak to Congress, work for every day Americans, make peace with foreign leaders, and bring troops home from overseas. Trump 45: The Greatest American President gives unprecedented access to the man who sacrificed so much for so many people.

Trump 45: America's Greatest President

SKU: 9781637581650
  • April 19, 2022
  • Post Hill Press

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