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Baby Fever Promise (Baby Fever Love, Book 2)

Baby Fever Promise (Baby Fever Love, Book 2) By Nicole Snow


WE CAN'T DO THIS AGAIN. I'M FAKING OUR SECOND CHANCE... ROBBI Once, Lucus Shaw was my everything. First kiss. First surrender. First man to promise me a ring, children, a life together. I remember his rogue smirk, his soul stinging kiss, the blistering words that always made him a little dangerous. I gave him my body for one insatiable night. He gave me secrets, heartbreak, and hatred. Friends, to lovers, to mortal enemies. Our tragic destiny. But I survived. Adapted. Moved on. Fate doesn't care. Luke's back, and I have to pretend we still have a Cinderella romance to save my career. Hate never fades. It rages when we lie to the world, when we lust, even when I'm begging for his baby. What if hate can't save me anymore? What if the man I swore I'd never give a second chance gives me baby fever for real? LUKE I was her first, and I'll damned sure be her last. I made a promise. Robbi's an addiction I can't quit. A million of her icy looks won't make me forget what we had. How delicious she looked when I brought her to her knees. How she ached for more. How she ripped my heart out when vicious lies ended us. This isn't over. Love never fades. I'll make our fake kisses real. It's not too late to have it all: my ring on her hand, my name on her lips, my baby in her. She'll beg for me again before we're done playing pretend. Oh, how she'll beg.

Baby Fever Promise (Baby Fever Love, Book 2)

SKU: 9781544685977
  • March 13, 2017

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