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Beneath all the Layers (The Pact Series, Book 3)

Beneath all the Layers (The Pact Series, Book 3) by Danielle Keil


Will living a life full of secrets and lies force Jennie to pull away from those she loves?


The colorful world around seventeen-year-old Jennie Song has descended into a dark, chaotic mess.

All Jennie wants to do is work on her art and be left alone. Instead, she has to deal with high school drama and perceptions.

That means fake-dating the popular boy, so the other guys at school stop hitting on her.

And keeping secrets for her older brother, who might be more involved in a dangerous and illegal world than she realizes.

Jennie’s becoming someone she doesn’t recognize, and losing everything she’s worked hard to create.

As all the carefully constructed layers of her life begin to unfold, Jennie falters. When her world is shattered and her confidence fails, she has no one to turn to except herself.


When Jennie hits rock bottom, will she choose to save herself or her family?


Trigger Warning: This book deals with sensitive topics that may be difficult for some readers.

Beneath all the Layers (The Pact Series, Book 3)

SKU: 9788731745093
  • April 1, 2021
  • Independently published

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