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Cats of the World

Cats of the World by Hannah Shaw, Andrew Marttila


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Hannah “Kitten Lady” Shaw and professional cat photographer Andrew Marttila journey to thirty countries to bring you hundreds of photos and stories of cats from every corner of the world.

Husband and wife team Hannah Shaw and Andrew Marttila have made cats their lives' work: they rescue and rehabilitate neonatal kittens, educate the public on cat and kitten care, and capture our feline friends' unique personalities through writing and photography.

Now, in the project of their dreams, they've taken their passion for cats global. In Cats of the World, Shaw and Marttila journey across thirty countries to explore feline welfare and cat culture around the globe, documenting their travels with stunning photos and stories from each country.

Journey to England's charming pubs and candle-lit cathedrals, Chile’s vibrant produce markets and colorful hillsides, Türkiye’s spice bazaars and ancient ruins, South Africa's bustling streets and lush mountains, and so many places in between with Shaw and Marttila as they learn from cats—and the people who love them most—that compassion truly is a universal language.

Cats of the World

SKU: 9780593183113
  • October 29, 2024
  • Plume

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