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Chasing Daylight (Stealth Ops, Book 7)

Chasing Daylight (Stealth Ops, Book 7) by Brittney Sahin


Trusting a traitor is dangerous--but falling in love with one is the deadliest sin of all.After eight years of completing missions around the world, A.J. Hawkins is ready for more--he's ready for love. The one person in his sights? A gorgeous redhead, a woman who isn't interested in a commitment after recently going through a divorce. And the last thing A.J. wants is to be a rebound.After officially ending her marriage, Anastasia Quinn accepted a career-advancing position to be part of the FBI's Counterintelligence Division. But only a few months into the job, and the unit's most valuable sources begin disappearing. When the FBI determines there must be a leak, the President dispatches help from outside the Bureau.Anastasia never expected A.J., the sexy Navy SEAL with Southern swagger and an amazing sense of humor, to be one of the men brought in for help. Working so close with A.J. will make it next to impossible to deny their explosive chemistry. But the last thing on her mind should be whether or not she's capable of love again, especially not when she finds herself at the center of the investigation as a suspect.A.J. will do whatever it takes to clear Anastasia's name and keep her safe, even if that means going on the run.As the hunt for the assassin continues, A.J. realizes that the one woman he'd die for may be the one woman who wants him dead.

Chasing Daylight (Stealth Ops, Book 7)

SKU: 9788664235401
  • July 17, 2020
  • Independently published

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