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Colors Live - Nintendo Switch

Colors Live - Nintendo Switch


  • Colors sonarpen- features pressure-sensitivity, a natural painting feeling and fully customizable stroke thickness, opacity, or both.
  • Paint anywhere- paint from the comfort of your own home or on the go!
  • Colors quest- a creative new game-mode, where you spend a little time painting every day to progress and level up. Designed for BEGINNERS and Masters alike, you'll get to see how your painting skills improve day-by-day.
  • The colors gallery- colors live also features integration with the widely popular colors gallery to which the community has uploaded an astonishing 4 million paintings, each with a unique painting playback.
  • Painting playback- record or watch as a painting comes together from start to finish and learn how it was created.


Colors live, the sequel to the critically acclaimed painting game colors! 3D is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch along with a pressure sensitive colors sonarpen included in every physical unit! Based on modern painting techniques originally developed for professional drawing tablets, colors live is tailored for the Nintendo Switch, and caters to everyone from serious artists to aimless doodlers. Whether you are looking to Sketch, paint, or draw up your next plans for world domination, colors live is the perfect digital sketchbook.

Colors Live - Nintendo Switch

SKU: 812303016097
  • September 14, 2021

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