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Cortisol: The Master Hormone: Improve Your Health, Weight, Fertility, Menopause, Longevity, and Reduce Stress by Wibe Wagemans, Ioana A. Bina


Cortisol monitoring is on par with breakthrough technologies like penicillin, the CT scan, and Continuous Glucose Monitoring, in terms of its enormous impact on your health and longevity.


Learn more about Cortisol, your body’s master hormone the under-appreciated factor that affects every field of medicine. Cortisol is the key hormone that helped early humans flee predators hundreds of thousands of years ago. These days, we’re no longer fleeing life-threatening predators, but our bodies still use the same hormone to warn us about modern threats—what we refer to as stress.


CORTISOL, THE MASTER HORMONE, written by a Ph.D. in endocrinology and a high-tech entrepreneur, are here to explain how you can manage your cortisol levels so your cortisol does not manage you.


Working with the research and insights nearly 100 of the world’s best scientists in their respective fields, CORTISOL, THE MASTER HORMONE will help you figure out how to get the data you need to live your best life, and to always understand how your stress levels are impacting your sleep, brain function, blood pressure, bones, gut, appetite, weight, immune system, and aging.

Consider this:

  • 20% higher cortisol levels in the morning can halt ovulation–potentially explaining 50%-70% of infertility cases.
  • #1 cause of early death in cardiovascular disease ahead of obesity and smoking.
  • It is physiologically impossible to lose weight long term when cortisol is out of balance.
  • Low cortisol levels are proven to drive anxiety and burnout in people dealing with high-stress situations.
  • Monitoring cortisol is the only accurate measure of muscle recovery for physical training and mental readiness in athletes.

Learn how to Improve your Health, Weight, Athletic Performance, Menopause Symptoms, Longevity, and Reduce Stress!


Find out how you can protect your health and stop guessing. Read CORTISOL, THE MASTER HORMONE today!


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  • October 4, 2022
  • Pardigm Inc.
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