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Dungeon Munchies: Collector's Edition - Nintendo Switch

Dungeon Munchies: Collector's Edition - Nintendo Switch




  • Includes game plus sticker sheet, recipe poster, soundtrack download, acrylic standee, vinyl sticker, art print, charm, notepad, and collector's box
  • Pixel-art action adventure
  • Customizable powers and tools
  • Hours of anime-inspired action
  • Set in over 9 fantastical worlds



Each Collector’s Edition includes a physical copy of the game, sticker sheet, double-sided recipe poster, soundtrack download card, acrylic standee, glow-in-the-dark vinyl sticker, metallic art print, linked acrylic charm, themed notepad, and collector’s box.

Dungeon Munchies is a pixel-art action adventure, with a focus on hunting down creatures, cooking them, and eating dishes to gain abilities. The combination of dishes you choose to eat will impact your entire play style. With hundreds of different ingredients, items, recipes, and weapons, you can customize your powers and tools for the battles ahead.
• Hours of anime-inspired action adventure set over 9 fantastical worlds.
• Hundreds of ingredients, items, recipes, weapons and combinations to build your own custom skillset.
• 3 difficulty levels - Apprentice to Executive Chef – to make the game accessible to everyone.
• Deep story full of strange characters, dark humor, and plot twists! Over 40 original tracks,
composed by rAYE.
• Languages - English, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese ingame text.

    Dungeon Munchies: Collector's Edition - Nintendo Switch

    SKU: 810109940127
    • January 13, 2023

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