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Love Bites More

Pageboy: A Memoir by Elliot Page


These elinefae are not like the others....


Elan and Arwyn are Watchers, guardians of their clan and brothers-in-arms.

Along with their other best friend, Pryderi, they pledged an oath long ago not to get romantically involved with one another. Their bond meant more than a brief tumble in the Den of Sin. They will not allow history to repeat itself and destroy everything they hold dear.


But when Pryderi comes back from his honeymoon with his soul-matched mate, something shifts. An unsettling distance wedges itself into their lives.


And when an exotic new male comes into their encampment, things are set to change even more.

Will they be torn further apart? Or is destiny creating their HEA?


An all-male triad could be on the tarot cards in this enticing fantasy tale of love and adventure.


NB This book is a standalone novel set in the Love Bites world.

Contains mature scenes, some violence (including an elinefaenapping), and swearing.

Still may not be suitable for vegetarians.

Love Bites More

SKU: 9780995611788
  • July 20, 2023
  • Steamy Kettle Publishing
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