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Marvel-Verse: Ms. Marvel

Marvel-Verse: Ms. Marvel by G Willow Wilson (Author), Saladin Ahmed (Author), Adrian Alphona (Artist), Paolo Villanelli (Artist), Nico Leon (Artist), Carmen Carnero (Artist)


In all the Marvel-Verse, nobody is more magnificent than the metamorphic Ms. Marvel — and these stories prove that Kamala Khan is one of her generation’s greatest heroes! Get to know Kamala, her loving family and her fun-filled friends in this collection of action-packed adventures — starting off with Loki, Norse god of mischief, crashing the school’s Valentine dance! Ms. Marvel travels back in time to meet her idol, Carol Danvers, all over again — and Kamala joins her pals Bruno, Nakia and Zoe in a video game for the fight of their lives! Plus, when tragedy strikes, Ms. Marvel and her fellow Champion, Miles “Spider-Man” Morales, share an exploration of what it means to be a teenage super hero!


COLLECTING: Ms. Marvel (2014) 12, Generations: Ms. Marvel/Ms. Marvel (2017) 1, Ms. Marvel (2015) 38, Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2018) 24.

Marvel-Verse: Ms. Marvel

SKU: 9781302947811
  • August 16, 2022
  • Marvel
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