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Own Your Past Change Your Future

Own Your Past Change Your Future: A Not-So-Complicated Approach to Relationships, Mental Health & Wellness by Ryan Garson


Your Mental Health Matters.


We’re the most technologically advanced society in history, but we’ve never been more stressed, medicated, or lonely. We have 1,000 Facebook friends but no one to help us move our couch. The pace of life is making us exhausted.


We’re all carrying the weight of our trauma based on the stories we were told by others and the ones we tell ourselves—and those stories are like bricks in a backpack that keep us from being happy and healthy. In his new book, national bestselling author Dr. John Delony provides a clear, five-step path to being well.


You’ll learn how to:

    • Redefine what trauma is and how to identify it in your life.
    • Grieve and heal from past hurt and trauma.
    • Make friends as an adult—it’s not easy, but it is necessary.
    • Change your thoughts—it’s possible.
    • Assess and evaluate your actions—these can change too.


    You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. Your thoughts and actions will be challenged. And if you take the steps John outlines, you’ll learn how to leave the past where it belongs and get on the path to healing.


    Own Your Past Change Your Future

    SKU: 9781942121626
    • April 19, 2022
    • Ramsey Press
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