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Royal Secrets: 2-in-1: Affaire Royale and Command Performance

Royal Secrets: 2-in-1: Affaire Royale and Command Performance (Cordina's Royal Family ) by Nora Roberts


#1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts reveals Royal Secrets, collecting two romantic suspenseful novels about the dangers and desires of the young heirs of Cordina’s Royal Family.

Affaire Royale

Princess Gabriella reappeared as suddenly as she had vanished. Taken against her will, she managed to escape her abductors and return home. Suffering from memory loss, she doesn’t know who kidnapped her or where she was held.

Aware the princess is still in danger, her family hires American ex-cop Reeve MacGee as a bodyguard. He possesses the perfect set of skills to shield and defend her against any threat. But when it came to helping Gabriella recover her mind and spirit, Reeve found himself even more determined to heal her heart―and protect their growing love.

Command Performance

When Eve Hamilton first met Prince Alexander de Cordina, he received her youthful exuberance and attentions with disdain. So she doesn’t understand why he has requested her theatre company to entertain guests at a palace reception after they parted with such finality. In his mind, when Prince Alex extended his invitation to Eve, he never expected to find that the girl whose affections he once easily dismissed has become an alluring, confident woman.

Now, he wants nothing more than to prove that her initial feelings for him were not misplaced and that love can be nurtured between such distinct hearts. But as heir to the throne, Alex has many enemies, and loving Eve may put her in grave danger.

Royal Secrets: 2-in-1: Affaire Royale and Command Performance

SKU: 9781250906489
  • October 24, 2023
  • St. Martin's Paperbacks
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