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That Summer Magic (Donovan Legacy) (Reissue)

That Summer Magic (Donovan Legacy) (Reissue) by Nora Roberts


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The magic of love can melt the most hesitant heart!



When real-life witch Morgana Donovan is asked to be a research subject for an upcoming film, she humors the skeptical writer behind the project. Nash Kirkland has worked on enough Hollywood movies to know that witches aren't real and magic is only special effects. But the more time Nash spends with Morgana, the more he wants to change his mind. If Nash can finally believe in magic, can Morgana open her heart?


As a rule, Sebastian Donovan keeps his psychic gifts secret. But when he receives a desperate call to investigate a kidnapping, he agrees to help. Private investigator Mel Sutherland is annoyed at the new addition to her team. She doesn’t believe in psychics, but she’ll have to swallow her pride and work with Sebastian and his unorthodox methods. Soon, the two are forced undercover and into a fake relationship…but pretending to be in love might be the easiest part of this complex case.

That Summer Magic (Donovan Legacy) (Reissue)

SKU: 9781335452818
  • August 22, 2023
  • Silhouette
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