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The Vanishing Lake

The Vanishing Lake by Paddy Donnelly


A captivating tale that celebrates a young girl's determination, a granddad's wisdom, and the fantastical wonders of the natural world.

  • Gold Medal Winner in the Independent Publisher Book Awards 2021.
  • Selected for the annual Best Children's Books In China list 2020.

Something mysterious is happening at Lake Loughareema. There are days the lake is beautiful, shimmering, and full. And then there are other days when it's . . . empty!
Meara asks her granddad WHY the water disappears, but every time he blames far-fetched culprits: Narwals! Mermaids! Giants! Unsatisfied, Meara sets out to uncover the truth for herself. Little does she know the answer is much larger than she realizes, and it'll take stepping back and opening her eyes to the impossible to discover the lake's magic.

Based on a real lake close to the author's hometown in Ireland, this book beautifully blends imagination with the magic of the natural world.

The Vanishing Lake

SKU: 9781953458032
  • April 20, 2021

  • Yeehoo Press

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