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Tracing the Jerusalem Code: The Chosen People (Volume 2)

Tracing the Jerusalem Code: The Chosen People (Volume 1) by De Gruyter (Publisher)


With the aim to write the history of Christianity in Scandinavia with Jerusalem as a lens, this book investigates the image - or rather the imagination - of Jerusalem in the religious, political, and artistic cultures of Scandinavia through most of the second millennium. Jerusalem is conceived as a code to Christian cultures in Scandinavia. The first volume is dealing with the different notions of Jerusalem in the Middle Ages.


Tracing the Jerusalem Code in three volumes
Volume 1: The Holy City Christian Cultures in Medieval Scandinavia (ca. 1100-1536)
Volume 2: The Chosen People Christian Cultures in Early Modern Scandinavia (1536-ca. 1750)
Volume 3: The Promised Land Christian Cultures in Modern Scandinavia (ca. 1750-ca. 1920)

Tracing the Jerusalem Code: The Chosen People (Volume 2)

SKU: 9783110634877
  • April 19, 2021

  • De Gruyter

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