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Weather the Storm (Reissue)

Weather the Storm (Reissue)by Nora Roberts


This title was released on July 25, 2023. Order now. Ships from and sold by

Sometimes love is laced with risks

The Welcoming Danger rarely comes to Whale Watch Inn on Orcas Island. But undercover FBI agent Roman DeWinter knows something ugly is going on beneath the cozy surface. He believes there is an insidious criminal gang operating out of the inn, and all the evidence points to Charity Ford, the owner. When a hit-and-run attack leaves Charity shaken and bruised, Roman is left questioning if he should trust his heart or his head.

Without a Trace

When he left his family behind as a teenager, Trace O’Hurley had plans to see the world. But after a few bad decisions landed him with the wrong reputation, Trace knew it was too late for redemption. Until the brilliant Dr. Gillian Fitzpatrick turns up with a job that could right all his wrongs: solve a high-profile kidnapping and avenge an old friend’s murder. With nothing left to lose, Trace starts to believe the impossible—that he can help Gillian, seek forgiveness and maybe even reconnect with his long-lost family.

Weather the Storm (Reissue)

SKU: 9781335452801
  • July 25, 2023
  • Silhouette
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